PUBLISHED: 3:46 PM on Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Laughing at those 'scary' moments
This is the time of year when words like "scary" and "creepy" sort of go together when the lights are off - don't you agree?

So in keeping with the whole theme of the season, I thought I'd share another spider story for those of you unafraid of such tales.

The story I want to share isn't about the time a humungous spider - and I'm not exaggerating when I say it must have measured at least four inches in diameter - crawled across our living room floor at the same time the kids and I were watching a suspense movie. I ended up grabbing the vacuum cleaner, the girls stood on the couch and screamed "get it!" and our 10-year-old son directed me with shouts like, "he's by the coffee table; no, wait - now he's going toward the TV!" I turned on the vacuum and bravely put an end to our misery.

No, this isn't that story.

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  The Halloween season might bring out a "scary" or "creepy" story for your family to have to tell for years.
The one I want to share with you readers happened last week to my good friend, Brandy. It all began after she'd tucked her daughter into bed.

"Mooom!" her 9-year-old daughter screamed.

Brandy ran into her daughter's dark bedroom.

"Get it!" Her daughter pointed to a huge black spider on the wall above her bed.

"I could see it, even with the lights out," Brandy said. "This thing was huge!" As creepy as the spider looked, she wasn't about to call her husband into the room because, as she said, "He'd pick it up with his bare fingers," she said.

Brandy's daughter, who stood with her back against an opposite wall, threw one of her shoes toward her mom.

"But I didn't want that shoe messed up," Brandy said. "So I grabbed another one."

Brandy aimed. She knew that if she missed, that spider would disappear into her daughter's carpet.

She whacked it, then tried again. Finally, she said, she held the shoe at arm's length, then turned it over for a peek.

"It had to have been the hugest spider I had ever seen," she said.

I thought you'd like that story because this is the time of year when words like "scary" and "creepy" go together, especially when the lights are off - don't you agree?

Because when the lights go on, we might find that the spiders we took aim at in our daughter's darkened room may actually have been nothing more than a huge glob of black embroidery floss. Just ask my good friend, Brandy.

Now, that's what I call a spider story.

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