PUBLISHED: 3:54 PM on Wednesday, October 31, 2007
What was your most embarrassing Halloween costume?

"My most embarrassing Halloween costume was a pumpkin when I was eight months pregnant. I blocked out the sun when I turned sideways." - Becky Wick

"I was a belly dancer and left the underwear portion at home. It was part of the costume - I didn't get it." - Selina Slack

"When I dressed up like a potato. I got a potato bag and put it over me and I actually won a prize." - Bill Brown

"Pumpkin ballerina." - Kathryn Rabung

"I didn't actually leave the house because it was so embarrassing. It was Olivia Newton John from 'Xanadu.'" - Julie Nielsen

"I was a television hunter. I had blue hair and a red face. We were going to make a parody of American Sportsman." - Jim Taggart