PUBLISHED: 7:53 PM on Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Noorvik man to face strict new bootlegging laws
KOTZEBUE - Leon Outwater, Sr. of Noorvik, a small village 47 miles east of Kotzebue, entered a guilty plea on Oct. 15 before the Kotzebue Superior Court to the felony charge of manufacturing alcohol without a license or permit in a Local Option Area.

He is the first Alaskan to be sentenced under the state's new bootlegging laws, which went into effect in July. The new law sets out a minimum fine of $10,000 and increased mandatory jail time ranging from 120 to 360 days for subsequent charges. Outwater will also be required to commit to inpatient alcohol treatment as part of his sentence.

"These prosecutions are an effort to stop alcoholism, and the violence and other social ills that occur in rural Alaska because of alcohol," said Deputy Attorney General Rick Svobodny.