PUBLISHED: 12:15 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2005
What is your most memorable Halloween costume?

  Big Brothers Big Sisters
Valorie Aquino
I was a giant padded M&M in the seventh grade. At first I felt silly until I fell down a step driveway and my costume saved me.

  VISTA volunteer
Cristina Reitz
A Siamese twin. I had to share an XXX-large sweatshirt with another girl all night, and we didn't even like each other.

  Business owner
Steve Robertson
My most memorable Halloween costume was the time I dressed up as Captain Kirk. I went home with a green woman!

  Domestic engineer
Louise Howerter

  Hydro-meteorological tech
Kimberly Vaughan
Woodstock from "Peanuts." I liked it the best because my dad and I made it together.

  Procurement specialist
Melinda Bugayong
Being a dead vampire cowgirl. It was lots of fun at the time and vampires were in.