PUBLISHED: 2:03 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Owner turns skateboarding into 24/7 life

Courtesy photo
  Patrick Vanpool started Sequence Skateshop from his love of skateboarding.
It is not simply a hobby or business for Patrick Vanpool.

"Skating is a way of life and if you're really into it, it's a part of you," 28 year-old Vanpool said.

Opening his skateshop is Vanpool's way of supporting skateboarders, he said.

Vanpool, who moved his store to Mendenhall Mall this month, opened Sequence two years ago for skaters to have a hangout.

"I was going down the street and saw a vacant location, so I did what it took to get the money and kept my other job," Vanpool said. "It was really just a hangout for kids who skate and we sold a few things to pay the bills."

His original store featured about 10 skateboards and some T-shirts, Vanpool said.

The new store offers a variety of skateboards and gear, including shoes.

"The store is a step I always wanted to take, but I was scared to do it," Vanpool said. "It's just amazing how much the store has grown. It shocks me."

Vanpool said skateboarding has become a more mainstream activity than it was in the past, which helps skateboarding patrons.

"When I was in high school there were like 10 of us who had skateboards. Now it seems like everyone has a skateboard," he said.

While the popularity of skateboarding has brought an outdoor skate park to Juneau, Vanpool said his ultimate goal is to open an indoor skate park where he can give lessons and skaters can practice their sport during the winter. For the time being, Vanpool has a skate team in which he flies skaters to competitions and helps them find sponsors.

Kayla Peters, 17, has worked at Sequence for six months and said Vanpool is passionate about skateboarding and helping others with skating.

"He's really nice and really friendly. He's talks customers ears off and he's overly psycho about skating," Peters said. "When he's at the skate park he's serious about what he's doing and really takes time to show kids how to do things. It's awesome that he takes kids to competitions. It's work but also fun."