PUBLISHED: 4:49 PM on Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Don't vote to move the capital
A vote for Palin is a vote to move the capital

At the Alaska Public Employee Association's gubernatorial forum held recently in Anchorage, Sarah Palin was again asked her position on keeping the capital in Juneau.

She responded, and I quote: "I don't support moving the capital, the star on the map there in Juneau as the capital city, more the power to it I say, keep it there. As for the Legislature, it is up to the Legislature to decide where to move. It isn't up to the governor to tell the Legislature where they will conduct any of their meetings or hearings or sessions."

Obviously, Sarah Palin doesn't get it. I remember learning in government class that our government is built like a three legged stool. We have the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, and that's what makes our government strong. But if one of the three legs is removed, the stool will collapse. Moving the Legislature out of Juneau is like removing one of the three legs of the stool. The strength will be gone, the stool will collapse, and the capital will move. And yes, Alaska's governor does have the veto power to stop the Legislature from attempting to move.

Having served nine years on the Alaska Committee, I understand how much effort we have put forth and how many dollars we have spent to keep the capital in Juneau. Electing Sarah Palin as our next governor would be like handing the Legislature the capital move on a silver platter.

Tony Knowles has always supported Juneau as Alaska's capital, and as governor will veto any legislation to move the Legislature or capital out of Juneau.

We must keep the capital in Juneau. We must vote Tony Knowles for governor.

Nancy Cashen