PUBLISHED: 5:49 PM on Wednesday, October 24, 2007
My grandma, what big pages you have
We're celebrating a big anniversary this week.

It's been 27 years, and a week, since the first ancestor of the Capital City Weekly was published in Juneau.

That Oct. 8, 1980 publication was a Thrifty Nickel, an eight-page shopper or ads-only free publication.

Over the prevailing 27 years, that little paper has changed names several times, and ownership twice.

It's also grown. Our newspaper is now at least 48 pages each week and often grows to as much as 80 pages.

But it's more than just more pages. Over the past six or eight months, we've done a number of things to expand your Capital City Weekly in a number of meaningful ways.

To start with, at least 50 percent of your newspaper is news and features, stories and photos, about our Southeast communities and people.

We try to combine both "good" news and the issues that affect our lives.

We are now publishing your newspaper in two sections. The first section is news about the people and organizations making a difference throughout Southeast Alaska.

The second section is classified advertising, a blend of employment, real estate and auto ads that are key elements of our lives. And ad features include our weekly review of small businesses.

On the front of our second section, each week we're asking five questions of a Southeast Alaskan who is making a difference.

We hope these profiles will give you a sense of the challenges and accomplishments these people face in doing great things here.

Most weeks we also include something special. Once a month it's our Monthly Real Estate Guide, featuring homes for sale throughout Southeast Alaska.

Other weeks it's special sections devoted to big events or big stories in our region.

We still endeavor to deliver our printed newspapers in every community in Southeast Alaska. And we still use everything from the U.S. Postal Service to float planes to the ferry system to make those deliveries.

We've also increased our readership 25 percent this year, but not in the fashion you might imagine. We're not printing more papers.

We are delivering lots more news, photos and just good stories online at

Our online audience has doubled and doubled again this year-because you've gone to our Web site, found more things you like and keep coming back.

Just one more way your newspaper is interacting with you and you with it.

You've noticed a lot more employments ads in our classified section, not just from Juneau but throughout Alaska. In August we launched a new never-before-tried tool for employers and jobseekers to find each other. It's called AlaskaJobNet.

It blends the strength of many media outlets, print, broadcast and online, to put jobs in front of virtually every job seeker in Alaska and millions of others who have yet to dream of coming here.

Within our company, those ads appear in the Weekly, five other Morris newspapers, in a weekly free employment tabloid distributed from the Kenai to Fairbanks, on 14 newspaper, magazine and radio Web sites and online worldwide at Yahoo Hot Jobs, the No. 1 all-inclusive site online.

This is so we can offer employers the combination of hyper local and worldwide.

We created it with a vision of not making the most useful and efficient (more bang for the buck) employment tool you've used.

What's next?

You decide.

We want you to contribute to your Weekly, in whatever ways work for you.

E-mail us your ideas to or to me at E-mail us photos of your kids, dogs, favorite trips and clubs too.

No e-mail? Call us at 789-4144 with news tips. Or send us your letters to the editor. You can send a faxt to 789-0987.

Send us all the stories you not just want to read, but want to tell and share! Truly we want to be a part of your life.

Let us know how we're doing.

Leschper is general manager is of the Capital City Weekly andadvertising director of the Juneau Empire. E-mail him at