PUBLISHED: 5:55 PM on Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Ravens win Eagles vs. Ravens Wellness Challenge
For the second straight year, the Ravens moiety topped the Eagles in the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium Eagles vs. Ravens Wellness Challenge in Juneau.

The Ravens were honored during the event's grand finale celebration/potluck on Sunday, Sept. 30, at the Tlingít-Haida Community Center.

The Ravens outscored the Eagles 23,250 points to 14,690 for the eight-week-long contest, sponsored by the SEARHC Health Promotion Department.

The event started on July 29 and ended Sept. 30.

Participants earned points for physical activity and other wellness activities, such as quitting tobacco, improving their nutrition, getting annual check-ups, reducing their stress, mentoring, or for taking part in or attending various community and cultural events.

In the team competition - for small groups of up to eight people, ranked by average score - the team of Crazy Little Yoda won for the second straight year with 8,305 points (an average of 2,076 per member of the four-person team). Crazy Little Yoda included Ivan Williams, Theresa Williams, Cydney Norberg and Billy Williams.

The Minks (Lola Foss, Bryan Foss, Tiffany Foss and Charsie Nelson) took second place with 4,900 points and an average score of 1,225.

Finishing third were the Ranting Ravens & Eagles (Charles Carroll, Carrie Sykes, Jane Rinehart, Linda Colleen Carroll, Levi Rinehart and Hanna Smith) with 5,935 total points and a team average of 990.

In the individual competition, Mychal Hutcherson took first place with 3,590 points. Ivan Williams was second with 3,310 points, followed by Pamla Credo-Hayes in third place with 2,430.

"It was one heck of an event this year," said Alan Travasso, SEARHC Juneau Health Promotion Manager.

"Everyone I spoke with this year about the event said they had such a blast, and it gave them a self-awareness about their health. That's a step in the right direction."