PUBLISHED: 6:20 PM on Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Pets awaiting ADOPTION
Juneau Gastineau Humane Society Shelter: 789-0260

Visit the pets Mon.-Fri. 3-5:30 p.m. and Sat. 2-5 p.m.


Butch is an eleven year old striking gray and white kitty that loves hangin out. Whether it's with the dogs down the street, the cats in his room, or a human with the lap space for him to lay in, he's ready for fun. Stop by the Gastineau Humane Society and meet with this slick older guy.


We have quite a few little thumpers looking for new homes at the moment. A couple of these cuties like to spend their time being with eachother and the other ones love to be snuggled and will literally try to climb your leg for attention. They are all either spayed or neutered and waiting to find a rabbit friendly household. If you would like to meet with them viewing hours are Mon-Fri 2-5:30 and Sat 1-5.


Can anyone resist the cute "cheep, cheep" of little birds? If you are a bird lover then you're in luck! The Gastineau Humane Society currently has a little flock of birds, two lovebirds and four parakeets. Come meet these pretty little guys Mon-Fri 2-5:30 and Sat 1-5.


Beau is a very charming ten year old neutered male cat that just loves affection! He doesn't act his age, likes both cats and dogs, and plays well with children. His favorite toy is his laser pointer. He will spend hours upon hours trying to catch that fast little red light, hoping someday he might get lucky.