PUBLISHED: 6:22 PM on Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Youth Vote coming to Juneau schools in November
Juneau students will once again be casting ballots in the November election during Youth Vote Juneau (formerly Kids Voting). Volunteers will staff polling places in all K-12 schools in the district for a mock election sponsored by Youth Vote Juneau. There will be no Youth Vote polling places at Juneau precincts this year.

Elementary school students will vote in their schools on Monday, Nov. 3, and middle and high school students will vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Results will be tallied and reported to the media.

"We're excited to be doing some new things this year to encourage students to learn more about what it means to be a citizen in a democracy and to act on it," said Marian Clough, Youth Vote Juneau board chair. "With polling places in every school it will be easier for even more kids to learn about voting and make their voices heard."

Since 1996, Youth Vote Juneau/Kids Voting has provided training and curriculum to teachers and volunteers, educated students about living in a democratic society, and helped spark student discussion of political issues with peers and parents.

The non-partisan, non-profit volunteer program has sponsored a mock election for all Juneau students in every gubernatorial and presidential election year for the past 12 years. Its goal is to encourage involvement in the electoral process and instill a positive voting habit in Juneau's youth.

Elementary school students will cast Youth Vote ballots for President and Vice President, U.S. House and Senate and local legislative representatives. Middle school and high school students also will vote on retention of judges and the bond issue.

Volunteers are needed at all schools. Contact Youth Vote Juneau coordinator Amy Skilbred, 780-4649 or Those interested in supporting the program with a donation should contact Marian Clough, 789-2191 or