PUBLISHED: 10:16 AM on Tuesday, October 17, 2006
M'Iva Rickey
Crystal Clear Communications

  M'Iva Rickey
What is your definition of success?

That magical word has many definitions. Success in one's personal life is built on truth, compassion, and awareness. So it also goes for the spiritual side with understanding and dedication. Once you have made your decisions as to how to proceed with those values they will stand you well in your professional life. With more than 18 years in my own business and in Juneau Media over 26 years good ethics and experience prove to be a winning combination.

What special challenges or advantages have you faced because you're a woman?

Because I have been in business for so long, and still love the challenges, I have found that the gender gap has grown much smaller. In the early days it was vastly different. Women could not get the same rate of pay or awards for achievement. Things move slowly however much ground has been gained. I now have 37 awards with the last one coming from Alaska Business Monthly in August.