PUBLISHED: 10:14 AM on Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Nancy DeCherney
Juneau Arts & Humanities Council

  Nancy DeCherney
What is your definition of success?

To have work I enjoy and have it make someone else's life a little better. To have done the very best I could to help.

What special challenges or advantages have you faced because you're a woman?

I throw like a girl. Oh well. On the other hand I can wear pink and ruffles and no one thinks it's weird. Seriously, when I worked as a chef, traditionally an all-male profession, I dealt with all sorts of situations and assumptions (hmmm, what is it they say about "assume"?) that had nothing to do with my skills as a chef. I try to avoid falling into the male/female trap and just be honest and hard-working, and usually pleasant. Those attributes seem to be advantages in every situation.