PUBLISHED: 10:05 AM on Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Lori Buzzell

  Lori Buzzell
What is your definition of success?

Many things - doing a job I love, knowing I'm offering a service which helps others look and feel their best, providing for my family - having the complete package of opportunity. Doing a job I love is very important - success is not always about money; knowing you're doing the right thing and making people smile along the way is being successful.

What special challenge or advantages have you faced because you're a woman?

Being a woman and selling products for "Avon, the Company for Women" is a huge advantage because I know I'm selling wonderful products at incredible prices while giving other women the confidence and know-how to look and feel their best - just like me. The challenge is helping men understand we offer many products to keep them looking great and feeling good as well, while also targeting their special interests with sports products, handy tools, etc. that are featured in the Avon Mens Catalog.

What has been your motivation?

My son. Having the opportunity to spend every day with my son and not having to work out of the home.

I offer people the tools to take better care of themselves while bringing in extra income to support my family, plus still spend quality time with my son as a stay-at-home mom.

get the best of all worlds and that's an incredible feeling and great motivator.

As a bonus, being an Avon Unit Leader has also given me the opportunity to help other women succeed as a business owner and give them the confidence to have it all as well.