Dear Rex,
Ask Rex: Seeking Halloween treats 101712 AE 1 Community Engagement Educator Association of Alaska School Boards Dear Rex,
Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Ask Rex: Seeking Halloween treats

Dear Rex,

Halloween is fast approaching and I really need your advice. Last year I got into the Halloween candy and ate all the candy including the bag. The chocolate was yummy but the gum was kind of sticky. While everyone was yelling at me a bunch of trick or treaters came to the door and I ran out (what did they expect?). A car hit me and my leg got broken. I have a great vet so that got fixed and they were able to get the bag out of my stomach, too. Then I got a yeast infection from the antibiotics. To top it all off I had to wear a cone on my head for weeks. Embarrassing. My question is: how long is a human's memory? I REALLY want that Halloween candy and I am afraid they will hide it from me.

Perpelexed puppy

Dear Perplexed,

I am not sure how long a human's memory is, but it is apparent yours is not nearly long enough. First of all, my friends at Animal Control and Protection tell me that Halloween is deadly for pets that find themselves on the road (you do know that roads are for cars not animals - right?). Amazingly you managed to luck out by not being poisoned by chocolate or gum. Chocolate is harmful to dogs. Xyilitol, the ingredient found in a lot of sugar-free gum, is responsible for more dog poisoning's each than any other substance. And you had a broken leg? Yeast infection? Stomach surgery? OK, here is my advice ... on Halloween, find a quiet corner of the house - AND STAY THERE! Just say "no" to the candy. Ignore the knocks and the door bell. In fact, stay away from the door.

For all you humans out there - protect your pets. Keep them safe by providing them with a quiet safe place to stay while you are opening the door for the kiddos. Candy is not good for pets and is often deadly (and seriously wouldn't you rather save that chocolate for yourself?).

If you put your pet into costume (which the folks at GHS hope you do for the Pawsitively Fabulous Pet Fashion Show at the GHS Pet Festival on Oct. 20) don't put rubber masks over their faces or have things that could be chewed off and swallowed on the costume. Halloween can be a fun holiday for everyone if you follow a few simple safety precautions.


To reach Rex with pet questions send them c/o Gastineau Humane Society: 7705 Glacier Highway, Juneau, or call 789-0260.