PUBLISHED: 4:24 PM on Wednesday, October 17, 2007
LumpiaMania raises funds for foundation's causes
Six thousand lumpia - 500 dozen, that was the goal reached Oct. 10, during Ketchikan General Hospital's LumpiaMania.

The annual event raises money for the KGH Foundation. Gretchen Klein, Foundation Manager said "We've grossed over $8000. It's incredible, the support we get from the community."

The gallant staff from the Food Service Department began making lumpia Monday (Oct. 8) for distribution Oct. 18-19.

Each lumpia is filled with chopped vegetables and sometimes ground beef; it's then hand rolled and sealed. Klein said, "these are the most terrific people. They are the backbone of this campaign."

Previous LumpiaManias have also been successful, but this year's yield more than doubled previous years' averages of 200 dozen lumpia.

The money will go to The Gift of Healing 2008, an annual campaign of the Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation.

This year's goal is $175,000 to purchase an Evis Gastrointestinal Videoscope, a minimally invasive endoscope primarily used to examine the gastrointestinal tract and for outpatient physical therapy equipment to be installed in the new Outpatient Therapy Clinic now located at street level next to the KGH Emergency Room.

Courtesy photo
  From left: Lina Lastimosa, Rhonnel Cadiente, Lea Cameros, Melodie Rodriguez, Maridel Rodriguez and Carlos Cadiente.
KGH did over 750 endoscopic procedures last year and there were 1500 patient visits to the physical therapy department.

Foundation Manager Klein said, "one of the best things about working on campaigns like this is seeing how something little like lumpia can make such a big difference in patient care."