PUBLISHED: 5:24 PM on Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Free workshop teaches aspects of filmmaking
JUNEAU - Jeff Freeman and Mukhya Khalsa will present a free two-week workshop offering the opportunity to learn aspects of filmmaking hands-on. The introductory seminar is Oct. 24 in the Ruby Room in the Emporium Mall.

"We're making a film about two guys, Frank and Dave, on the run from the forces of evil," Khalsa says. "With death staring them right in the face, they vow to each other that if they make it out alive, they'll make the best film ever about their adventure. As they plan and shoot their film, the bad guys get hotter on their trail.

"The bang up finale is chocked full of special effects, stunts, and quick cuts. As we shoot each scene, we'll explore different aspects of the production, and experiment with various ways to make an excellent quality film with items we can get right in town."

The workshop will last about two weeks, and participants will be able to select which subjects they want to work on. The film is part of the upcoming tutorial series "Hollywood for Mortals" so participants get to explore the material first hand. Jeff will also be teaching a class for voiceover professionals. For more information call Mukhya Khalsa at 780-4051 or visit