PUBLISHED: 1:03 PM on Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Summer visitor grateful for aid
Letter to the editor
This past summer my family and myself had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful city while touring on the Celebrity Cruise ship Infinity. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the Alaska-Gastineau Mill and Gold Mine Tour. My daughter and I also enjoyed all the jewelry stores you have downtown. I had to take home a piece of the Northern Lights Topaz; it is gorgeous.

While downtown I had a small mishap partly due to the weather conditions (I won't mention what kind!) and poor timing. I slipped, fell and broke my arm on Aug. 18 of this year. While I was lying on the sidewalk a very kind shopkeeper came to my (and my daughter's) assistance by calling for an ambulance. He also supplied us with a blanket to put under my head and an umbrella for her to hold over me when it started to rain. It is my daughter's impression that this man worked in one of the jewelry stores right by where I fell, which was across from the first cruise ship dock. I would now like to take this opportunity to thank him, as I never got the chance to it then. He helped to make an unpleasant situation a lot better.

So thank you, kind sir, your thoughtfulness was very greatly appreciated.

Julie Dickerson-Paugh

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada