PUBLISHED: 4:10 PM on Wednesday, October 10, 2007
'Secret sounds' worth money up for grabs
Sharon Wolfe of Juneau reflects on a childhood memory to win $2,445 playing "Secret Sound" on local radio station TAKU 105.

It was her first time playing the popular game where people listen to a sound and guess what it is.

Wolfe was confident when she recanted a childhood memory of her grandmother's vacuum cleaner's retractable cord "whacking" her in the leg. It was clear she knew that sound well. According to Wolfe she had known the answer for sometime, but this was the first chance she had to call in to play. What was so clear to her, had baffled dozens.

Folks had guessed everything from rolling metal doors to closing file cabinets. But in the end Wolfe had the exact answer of a retracting vacuum cord. The lesson here youngsters is to keep doing your chores. Someday, those memories could be worth $2,445.