PUBLISHED: 4:10 PM on Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Submissions needed for Poetry OmniBus
Fresh, new poems are needed for the interior of Juneau's public buses, and it's up to Juneauites, youth and adult, to write them.

Classroom teachers (grades 5 and up) and their students may want to start thinking now about short poems and writing some first drafts.

By short, this means 10 lines maximum.

This is so they'll fit onto the placards inside the Juneau buses.

Have you seen the poems that have appeared there the past two years?

If not, you can find them in three-ring binders at the reference desk of each Juneau library.

Kristan Hutchison coordinated Poetry OmniBus its first two years, but in her absence Robyn Holloway (a poet also) will manage Poetry OmniBus 2008.

Watch for a detailed "call for submissions" in late October, providing the rules and forms.

The submittal period is expected to run Nov. 1-Jan. 15.

Poems selected by the judges will go on Juneau buses, and the winning poets will be invited to perform at a poetry reading about mid-March.

For information, contact Holloway by e-mail at