PUBLISHED: 6:13 PM on Wednesday, October 8, 2008
UAS Ketchikan professor receives Emmy nod
KETCHIKAN - University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan faculty member, Priscilla Schulte, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, has added an Emmy award to her list of accomplishments.

Schulte received the award as a member of the Academic Advisory Committee for an educational series titled "Physical Anthropology: The Evolving Human," which won an Emmy at the 2008 awards show in the category of Best Instructional Programming.

The series is a production of California's Coastline Community College. According to the college, "Physical Anthropology: The Evolving Human" was produced with the help of more than 30 content advisors and more than 100 professional experts. For the series, a Coastline producer had the opportunity to travel to Africa and Europe to conduct interviews and gain footage of anthropologists working in their field. Footage includes hominid digs at Kobi Fora and Olduvai Gorge, and conversations with world renowned scientists at the Max Plank Institute in Germany. This is the 16th Emmy award for Coastline Community College.