PUBLISHED: 6:06 PM on Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Pelican bar receives Small Business of the Year award
The Alaska State Chamber of Commerce presented Rose Miller, owner and operator of Rosie's Bar in Pelican, with the 2008 Bill Bivin Small Business of the Year Award at the annual Fall Conference and Trade Show in Fairbanks on Wednesday.

Miller's establishment has been the identifying mark of Pelican since the early 70's. Her business, her involvement, her generosity, her exuberance and her popularity have drawn people to Pelican for many, many years.

photo courtesy of Frank P. Flavin, Flavin Photography
  Kathie Wasserman, left, executive director of the Alaska Municipal League, stands next to Small Business of the Year award recipient Rose Miller, of Rosie's Bar and Grill in Pelican, on Sept. 17 in Fairbanks during the annual Fall Conference and Trade Show.
Miller has turned Rosie's Bar into a draw to the community, a charitable business in times of trouble, and a center of the community for those who live there. Rosie's draws people to other businesses in the community, and has also helped individuals, including a significant number of fishermen who have found themselves down and out, by letting them work for plane fare home. Whenever there is a holiday, a birthday, a going-away party or some sort of celebration, Rose cooks and feeds the town. She is active in everything that affects the community.

In a letter of support for Rose's nomination, U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens notes, "Rose is an active resident of our state having raised a large family, run a well known business and is a true friend to many. Her assistance to those who live and visit Pelican, particularly in difficult times, has proven invaluable. Rose has demonstrated the very best of the Alaskan spirit."

Former Gov. Bill Sheffield wrote a note saying, "I will never forget my first visit to Pelican, attending a fundraiser for their Fourth of July celebration. Rose's numerous experiences demonstrate she is well qualified for this recognition. She is a true Alaskan success story."

Rose Miller is, at age 70, still working seven days a week, and is outside her own business a frequent organizer, volunteer, and leader for activities within her community. Miller is also active with numerous veterans' organizations throughout the state and takes great pride in American veterans and their importance to the State of Alaska.

The Bill Bivin Small Business of the Year Award, established in 1993, pays tribute to businesses that exemplify leadership, ethics and organization. These businesses have demonstrated consistent community involvement, have an excellent business reputation and have established leadership in their respective field.