PUBLISHED: 6:06 PM on Wednesday, October 8, 2008
From filleting fish to fame and fortune
Petersburg-born actress and model Wrenna Klose is making it in Hollywood but still misses her life in Alaska
PETERSBURG - She is a simple girl from Petersburg who has found her way to Hollywood. Her friends in Alaska know her as Wrenna Klose, but her screen name is Wrenna Monet.

Klose can be seen in the movie "Lakeview Terrace," now in theatres across the country, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington. The movie is about an interracial couple that is being harassed by a crooked cop who disapproves of their relationship. Samuel L. Jackson is the villain of the movie and he hires Klose's character, a dancer, to seduce the hero and tempt him to compromise his principles.

photos courtesy of Wrenna Klose
  Wrenna Klose, known on screen as Wrenna Monet , grew up cleaning salmon in Petersburg and later moved to Juneau, where she graduated from JDHS. Her Hollywood modeling and acting career has taken off, but part of her misses the "real people and nature" in Alaska. Klose has a role in the new movie "Lakeview Terrace," starring Samuel L. Jackson.
"I had two scenes and four lines, just that small scene," Klose said about her role in the movie. "They cut out a lot of stuff."

Klose has lived in Hollywood for four years now and she misses home.

"I'm a little burnt out," Klose said. "I'm actually starting to really miss Alaska, and just being around real people and nature. I might take a break for a little bit."

This past summer, she was fantasizing about leaving tinsel town to work on a fish tender, slinging salmon into an icy boat hull. She missed nature and her childhood spent cleaning salmon, but summer passed and she stayed in California.

As a model, she gets paid to make appearances on television shows and the red carpet. She has appeared on shows like The Riches, The Shield, and Entourage. She was hired for her appearance, but she wants more sophisticated speaking roles.

"I want to be like Juliette Lewis with a bunch of different crazy characters," Klose said.

Klose moved to Hollywood in 2004 after she won a Tropicana swimsuit contest at Marlintini's Bar in Juneau. She lived out of her car for a while by sneaking into private campgrounds at night. She carried a piece of wood in her car that she placed over the spiked entryways to campgrounds. She would sneak her car into the private campgrounds at night and leave early the next morning.

There were swindlers in Hollywood who tried to take advantage of her. An agent booked her a job with Maxim Español, and she almost got arrested in Peru for doing a photo shoot at Manchu Pichu.

"My producer turned out to be a con artist," Klose said. "The other model wasn't a model at all. We put two and two together and realized he was not part of Maxim."

She was in a police station in South America with no passport or ID. Friendly locals intervened and helped her out of the situation.

Back in Hollywood Klose continued to work, throwing herself into the life of a model and actress. She attended acting classes, yoga classes and numerous auditions. She landed roles in low-budget horror films. People kept asking her to take her clothes off, but she kept saying no and even turned down an offer from Playboy.

"That's the business, (but) I stay true to myself," Klose said. "The only way to handle it here is to stay true to yourself and your morals."

Klose has never forgotten that she is from Alaska, and she has never felt entirely comfortable with living in Hollywood. She misses Alaska often, but it a sacrifice she made in pursuit of her dreams. Now, after four years of hard work, she is weighing her options.

"I really want to go to school to be an art teacher and teach art," Klose said. "That's something that makes me happy. Acting isn't something that I want to do forever. It just fell in my lap. If I book a TV series that would be cool. I've already accomplished far more than I ever thought I would, and I'm really satisfied."