PUBLISHED: 1:21 PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2005
Give your baking a swirl

For dessert with a built-in "wow" factor, give it a swirl! When you use these new milk chocolate morsels swirled with caramel or peanut butter and semi-sweet chocolate morsels swirled with white chocolate, you can make edible works of art all your own.

With a package of Swirled morsels on hand, you can use them just like semi-sweet chocolate chips in dessert recipes of all kinds. But let your inner artist come out! Dress up your peanut butter cookies with chocolate and peanut butter swirls. Make your bar cookies or cakes even more decadent with chocolate and caramel swirls. Give chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes or other creamy desserts a "black tie" sophistication with semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate swirls.

Customize cakes, cookies or brownies from a mix when you stir these morsels into the batter and create your own swirled polka dot design on the top. Make your favorite homemade or chef-style desserts look just as fabulous as they taste with a sweet swirl of magical chocolate.

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