PUBLISHED: 1:21 PM on Wednesday, October 5, 2005
Goldbelt appreciates rescue efforts
Letter to the editor
On behalf of Goldbelt, inc. and the Mount Roberts Tramway, we wish to extend our deepest appreciation to those that supported the rescue operation of George Reifenstein, Mount Roberts Tramway general manager. He suffered a fall while working on a groundwater line and we credit the outstanding care he received during the rescue to many: the Juneau mountain Rescue Team, Capital City Fire and Rescue, Bartlett hospital, Paul Hamby, volunteers and many businesses that allowed volunteers to take time off from work. Rescuers excelled under extraordinary circumstances and volunteers went above and beyond. We dedicate our gratitude for the care George received and his good condition to the community of Juneau.

Bob Martin

Vice President Operations, Goldbelt, Inc.