PUBLISHED: 4:12 PM on Wednesday, October 4, 2006
Mendenhall Auto CenterOs Student of the Week

Malin Murray is a sixth grade student of Chris Trostel at Montessori Borealis, a Juneau School District program. She is the daughter of Doug Murray and Shauna Murray. Malin is involved in soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball and karate. She also has played piano for five years and saxophone for three years. She enjoys the book series "The Secrets of Droon." She said her favorite subject is math because "I'm really good at it. I like complicated work and challenges."

Malin was nominated for Student of the Week by her fellow classmates for many reasons because she "is open to other people's ideas," "doesn't talk out of turn," "has a good sense of humor and knows where to draw the line," "helps people make the right decisions" and "gets homework in and done on time."

Malin said she likes attending Montessori Borealis. "I have a lot of friends here that I have known for a long time. People are nice to me," she said.