PUBLISHED: 4:12 PM on Wednesday, October 4, 2006
Ketchikan pair has casual fun
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska

Photo by Nancy Coggins
  "Big Sister" Christine and "Little Sister" Sarah hang out in front of Ketchikan's "Raven Stealing The Sun" totem pole.
KETCHIKAN - "Big Sister" Christine and "Little Sister" Sarah live "in the moment." Matched in the community program of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska - Ketchikan, they meet two to four times a month. They have fun on the same page, which happens to be the menu page since one of their favorite activities is eating breakfast together.

Magic happens when these two share special, relaxing times. Christine appreciates time just hanging out with Sarah, chatting about their lives. There's no drama, just laid-back, unstructured get-togethers. When they meet, they spontaneously decide what they're going to do. Meeting for breakfast gives them plenty of time for movies or other activities such as a visit to the library.

Playing with Christine's two Chihuahua puppies on the baseball field is a joy for Sarah. She says, "The Chihuahuas keep barking at other dogs for 15 minutes, even after the others have long disappeared!"

Sarah's mother regards their special friendship as "almost like family." She says, "They spend quality time together, and, in Christine, Sarah has a friend who likes to be with her and in whom she can confide."

After their first-year anniversary, a highlight was Sarah spending the night at Christine's. For their one-year celebration, Sarah had made an anniversary card, complete with heart picture, ribbons and a photo taken at their first meeting on the outside, and a party scene on the inside. That sleepover, they created lots of arts and crafts items, including a braided wreath. And Sarah made pencil and crayon drawings of turtles for Christine because they are her "favorites."

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