PUBLISHED: 4:12 PM on Wednesday, October 4, 2006
Pet Nanny's Place earns national accreditation
Pet Nanny's Place of Juneau is the first pet boarding facility in the state of Alaska to be awarded national accreditation by the American Boarding Kennels Association.

"We are thrilled to have achieved this recognition," said Laura Else, certified kennel operator.

"Our staff's efforts have been extraordinary, and I am very pleased to be working with this dedicated team of professionals. They have helped complete the most significant pet care accreditation program in the country and have assured our pet owners that we are committed to excellence."

Accredited facilities are in compliance of more than 200 standards of pet care, operational and business practices recognized as superior by industry leaders, veterinarians, humane officials, facility owners and the pet owning public.

A Blue Ribbon status signifies to the public that the facility has met or exceeded all points verified by an independent evaluator and inspection.

Additionally Pet Nanny team members have completed pet first aid and CPR certification. They are Kevin March, Dinah Nobles, Jenica Canaday, Amanda Easterly, Samantha Stevenson, Zena Merculief, Heather Tremblay-Parisien, Shawna Else, Weldon Else and Juston Jolley.

Pet care technician certifications have been achieved by Dinah Nobles, Kevin March, Shawna Else, Weldon Else and Amanda Easterly.

Advanced pet care technician certification was accomplished by Kevin March.

"Blue Ribbon status is granted to facilities that have met the ultimate standards in pet care and is an assurance to pet owners who seek the most caring attention for their pet while they are away," said Else, CKO.

"It is a privilege to work with such talented, dedicated individuals and to experience some of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of our profession together."