PUBLISHED: 5:27 PM on Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Do you feel a Valley pool for Juneau is the right choice, why or why not?

"That is one of the things I will vote for, to give our Valley kids an opportunity to swim close to home." - Quin McLean

"I will be voting yes. I was just shocked to find Juneau children who do not know how to swim, that is just outrageous for a community with so many boats and next to waterways." - Kyle*

"I feel it would have been a right choice if it was built with the school." - Erin McGinnis

"I do. We have almost everything under the sun in the Valley and Downtown. Having a pool in the Valley will save gas for those who are on the swimming team, and need to practice." - Shannara*

No, too much chlorine." - Tom Meyer

"I will vote against the pool until fundamental problems are resolved. Too much money - too small a group that will benefit." - Nick Henderson*