PUBLISHED: 4:16 PM on Wednesday, October 3, 2007
The Canvas to hold fund-raiser
Boogie, bop, hop, skip-it's the Dance for Pie. REACH will hold a fund-raiser to help finish the pottery studio and pie kitchen Friday, Oct. 5, at The Canvas Community Art Studio and Gallery, located at 223 Seward Street.

The gallery has become a true community venue in the Juneau art scene, with activities such as art classes in multiple mediums, theatrical performances and music happenings, but the growth should not stop now. So why not add a pottery studio and pie kitchen?

Complete with kick wheels, electric wheels, slab tables and a kiln, the addition of a pottery studio will broaden the pottery possibilities in Juneau.

The studio will be open to public use during consistent times of the week as well as be a new location for community classes and pottery lessons.

At present, there is no place in town offering such accessibility in the pottery world. Local architect Sean Boily designed the renovations for the pottery studio as well as the kitchen. The addition of such a studio will offer much to Juneau, specifically a new place for productive social gatherings.

Boily, also a potter, confirms the communal components of such a studio when describing parts of the pottery process, all the way down to the scrap clay.

"The scrap clay goes into a common bucket and that clay goes back to all the potters," Boily said. "We do have a firm budget we have to work within and we want to do all we can. The focus is to get the pottery shop usable as well as the kitchen."

With Boily's comments in mind, the second ingredient in making The Canvas an even homier place is the creation of a pie kitchen. With the availability of fresh baked goods, coffee drinks, and other delectable lunch/breakfast food, the pie kitchen will be a pleasant component to the art-making atmosphere.

Baker guru Andrea Mogil foresees baking in The Canvas premises and "really working in a creative atmosphere" as being a very inspiring experience. Currently the brains and taste buds of Juneau's Pie in the Sky, Mogil is located at the Wharf Building next to Costa's Diner. As a true food artist, Mogil said, "What I do is expressive and people get to eat it too."

With these ideas in mind, adding a culinary art element to The Canvas's array of activities only seems appropriate.

The benefit of the pottery studio and pie kitchen's existence will be valuable for all artists, new to advanced, but realistically these new additions cost a pretty penny.

The Canvas's director (and brains behind the nonprofit's operation), Annie Geselle, was recently awarded a handsome grant for The Canvas from the Rasmuson Foundation specifically to fund these projects. With this support and other grants pending, prospects of progress have become more in reach.

Because these additions will truly add to The Canvas's already extensive selection of classes and events (check out events online at www.canvasarts.og), The Canvas's diligent program coordinator MK MacNaughton has been arranging the fundraising event, the Dance for Pie. By attending you will have an opportunity to try the pie, dance, see the First Friday show "Related Works" and watch dance performances by Antonio Diaz and Heather Haugland's group, Rumbalaska.

The entertainment and performances really cater to a variety of audiences, dancers and non-dancers alike (all of whom hopefully enjoy eating pie)...and no one should miss the newest routine in town, a cowgirl salsa routine by the Rumbachicas. The evening's festivities allow for you to really help Juneau's community growth all while having a grand ol' time.

The fund-raising party will be from 7:30-10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 5, with a sliding scale admission of $15-$25, which includes a piece of pie. The pies, donated by Mogil as well as others in the community who are in the baking mood, will hopefully entice you to participate in The Canvas's first pie walk as well as a silent auction for cakes and pies.

Just when it seems like the variety of events could not be more entertaining, The Canvas has brought Juneau's very own Colette Costa in the mix to M.C. the pie walk.