PUBLISHED: 11:11 AM on Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Better Business Bureau: Beware of get rich quick seminars
The Better Business Bureau has received a number of inquires concerning get rich quick seminars. Promoters send consumer invitations containing VIP tickets that claim to be of great value. The seminar promises to teach attendees how to create wealth and avoid paying taxes. Promoters use high-pressure sales pitches that require consumers to buy now or risk losing out on the opportunity. Consumers must then pay thousands of dollars for information that is available elsewhere for little or no money. Once promoters get an individuals credit card number they may overcharge or bill for additional services or products. Frequently, additional items or seminars will needed to be purchased in order achieve the promoter claims.

Here are some red flags that may signal a questionable seminar promoter.

• Is the offer time sensitive?

• Do the promoters hype-up the program but provide little detail?

• Are representatives reluctant to answer questions, or give evasive answers?

• Are local business people or experts indorsing the program?

• Can the promoters provide testimonials with contact information?

• Does the business have a satisfactory status with the Better Business Bureau?

• Is little time is giving to read a lengthy contract.

Taking the time to research a company before making purchase can help avoid a lot of time and frustration. Most legitimate seminar businesses are more than happy to provide descriptions of their programs before a purchase is made. Ask to see data on the percent of program participants who actually achieve the promoters claim. Read all contracts carefully before signing anything and get all promises or claims in writing.