PUBLISHED: 11:13 AM on Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Women in Business: Barbara Johns
Seventh Heaven Day Spa

Give a brief description of what your business is.

Seventh Heaven is a full-service day spa offering a variety of personal services including massage, skin care, natural manicures and pedicures, body treatments, hydrotherapy, yoga and much more. Here at Seventh Heaven we strive to create a relaxing and ambient atmosphere for our clients to escape in, by offering an esthetically pleasing facility and a serene view of the Mendenhall River. We strive to offer natural treatments that are good for the body and mind as well as calm the senses.

What woman has inspired you or mentored you in business?

The first boss I had when I started doing massage was Donna Perrin. She has an immense amount of passion and profound respect for the field of bodyworkers. She became a sort of mentor for me so I listened to her advice, watched her in her practice and through that, she inspired me to start out on my own.

What does your business offer that is unique?

Seventh Heaven really is the only full service day spa in Juneau. The word "spa" itself means water so when a personal service salon claims to be a "spa" they are claiming the treatment of hydrotherapy. We offer a Steam Machine treatment and an Aromatherapy Jacuzzi tub as our hydrotherapy services and these are therapeutic for the body in many different ways. These services, combined with massage or other treatments, really complete the spa experience as a whole.

What has been your biggest challenge being a women-run business?

My biggest challenge as a woman in business is being a "boss." There are so many facets to being a boss, that it forces me to fine-tune my communication skills and "people" skills more so than what I have had to use in the past. Although this is a challenge, it's a challenge worth taking on because the reward of open communication with my employees is a vital aspect to my business.