PUBLISHED: 3:57 PM on Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Raising awareness in a supportive, uplifting way
Be on the lookout for bra-inspired art in shop windows as you stroll around town.

Then come on into the Juneau-Douglas City Museum and view the whole Bra-Dazzler show! Team Survivor Perseverance, a local non-profit organization providing fitness & exercise programs & opportunities to women affected by cancer, has teamed up with the Juneau-Douglas City Museum and Shoefly to bring community awareness to TSP's programs through the Bra-Dazzler Bra-inspired art exhibition.

"Team Survivor Perseverance is grateful for this opportunity to bring community awareness to our fitness based women's cancer support programs," said Nicki Germain, TSP director.

"It's not always easy to talk openly about serious health issues such as cancer. We felt the Bra-Dazzler would bring a bit of levity to a serious subject and allow the whole community an uplifting forum in which to communicate."

Germain encourages people to "bring your family and friends by to see the exhibit and talk with them about how cancer affects your lives and learn how some women are addressing the affects on their lives through fitness".

"The museum is very pleased to be a part of this exhibit by providing a venue for community inspired art that will bring awareness and support for all who are affected by breast cancer," said museum director, Jane Lindsey.

"Team Survivor Perseverance has worked very hard on organizing this exhibit and should be applauded for the efforts of their organization and the message that it carries".

"One of our core values at Shoefly is supporting women as they make their way in the world," said co-owner Sydney Mitchell.

"In this case, both Dawn and I have close friends and family who are breast cancer survivors. We know the value of early detection through regular self breast exams. We know the value of working in partnership with a caring healthcare provider. We also know the value of community support so we are honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Bra Dazzler art show."

This unique exhibit will feature bra-inspired artwork in a variety of mediums from members of the community and a special group entry from the Sitka High School, 2005/2006 Costume Design class, Textile project.

Look for pieces from the group entry by Sitka High School, 2005/2006 Costume Design class at the following businesses: The Plum Tree in Nugget Mall, Skeins Fine Yarns at the Airport Shopping Center, Shoefly at 245 Marine Way, and Lisa Davidson's Boutique at 117 Seward St.

An opening reception for the Bra-Dazzler exhibition will be held at the City Museum on Friday, October 6, 2006 during First Fridays, 4:30-7:00pm.

The exhibit closes on Oct. 28.