Sessions start Saturday, Oct. 27 and end Monday, Nov. 26.
Teaching Artists Academy readies 092612 AE 1 Alaska Science Forum Sessions start Saturday, Oct. 27 and end Monday, Nov. 26.
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Teaching Artists Academy readies

Sessions start Saturday, Oct. 27 and end Monday, Nov. 26.

Academy Facilitators: Lorrie Heagy, Ryan Conarro, Lynn Williams, Annie Calkins and more.

Workshop schedule and Specific Dates and Times will soon be posted at

Artists who are interested in teaching in the schools, or are already teaching in the schools, and artists who would like to get on the Alaska State Teaching Artist Roster, are invited to sign up for Juneau Arts & Humanities Council's 2012 Teaching Artist Academy.

During this workshop series artists will receive in-depth training emphasizing how to work effectively with students of all ages in varied settings as a Teaching Artist, in Juneau and elsewhere in Alaska. Each session features expert teachers, administrators and consultants who share knowledge, skills and techniques on areas such as : how to prepare a lesson plan, how to integrate their plan with the school curriculum the state education standards, how to manage a classroom, how to communicate with the schools before, during and after a residency, and more. Students will be expected to observe a class in the school, write a lesson plan, and teach their lesson in the classroom.

The sessions will be held at the Glacier Valley School and the Juneau Arts and Culture Center, with a PIE to be eaten at the end of each workshop.

COST: $70 for the series.

CREDIT: Depending on demand, one 593 credit may be available for anyone wanting to earn a credit from the University of Alaska Southeast. (cost is $90 in addition to the workshop fee) ** For those earning credit a paper describing what has been learned and how it will be applied is required.

This series is limited to 15 artists. Call the JAHC at 586-5099 or email

There must be a minimum of 10 artists registered on or before Oct. 19 to implement this series.