PUBLISHED: 4:35 PM on Wednesday, September 26, 2007
••• Meetings •••
Writer's Group, every Mon, 7-9pm, Downtown Public Library small conference room, bring copies of your work, 789-9489.

Juneau Taku Toastmasters, every Mon, Federal Bldg room 541, noon. Open to public. 465-6121.

Juneau Valley Toastmasters, every Tues, Henry's Restaurant, 6:15 am. Open to public. 789-0374.

Rainy Day Stars Shine, every Tues, 6-7pm, Marie Drake Planetarium, 586-1517.

Juneau Chess Club, Every Tues, 7-9pm, Downtown Library. The public is welcome to attend and boards and pieces typically provided. Rules taught to those interested. Contact Brian Bezenek, 790-1934.

Juneau Hispanic Association every 2nd Wednesdayof the month at 7pm, 8505 Old Dairy Rd., 2nd floor of the Juneau Urgent and Family Care, 321-0041.

Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, every Wed, VFW, noon-1 pm.

1st City Rotary in Ketchikan, every Thurs, Cape Fox Hotel Conference Room, 7am, Jeremiah's, 225-7002.

Rotary 2000 in Ketchikan, every Tues, noon, Eagles Club, 225-6166.

American Legion Post #3 in Ketchikan, every Mon, 7pm, 631 Park Ave, 225-2021.

Eagles Meetings in Ketchikan, Aerie No. 162 Meetings: Board of Trustees, every Tues, 5:30pm followed by regular meeting at 7pm, Eagles Auxiliary No. 162 Meetings: 1st and 3rd Tues, 7pm, Eagles Club at #7 Creek Street, 225-5162.

First City Toastmasters, open to public, Thursdays 12n-1pm. Creekside Meeting Center, 640 Park Ave., Ketchikan, 247-8080.

KYI Skatepark Formation Meeting. Come to plan the development of a covered skatepark in Ketchikan, Wed 6-7pm. Creekside Meeting Center, 640 Park Ave., Ketchikan, 247-8080.

Come play with our writers' blocks and artists' way, Critique the Brine 6-7:30pm Sunday 4-6pm. Creekside Meeting Center, 640 Park Ave., Ketchikan, 247-8080.