PUBLISHED: 4:35 PM on Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Juneau club teaches skating skills
A brief on business with five questions
Juneau Skating Club coach Pam Green answers Capital City Weekly's questions. For more information, go online to, call 523-9115 or send e-mail to

When did Juneau Skating Club begin and how has it grown?

The Juneau Skating Club was formed in 2003. Its mission is to teach Juneau to ice skate. The number of students we teach has continued to grow and the types of classes we offer has evolved based on the interests and progress of our students. Our initial classes were focused only on the basics of skating but quickly grew to include hockey and figure skating.

What different classes are taught and who can take lessons?

Courtesy photo
  From left, front row: Pam Green, Lauren Anderson and Wendy Vuille; middle row: Sigrid Dahlberg, Kim Dostal and Ebett Calvert; back row: Karla Geissler, AJ Granados, Sarah Shoemaker and Chris Siddon; not pictured: Debbie Roberts, Kim Mix, Dave Anderson and Jim Sheehan.
JSC offers a basic skills program as a six-week program, offered four times per year that meets one time per week. This is a nationwide program that provides a skills-based progression of instruction for youth (starting at age 4) and adult skaters.

This program is designed to teach all skaters the fundamentals of skating. The skills taught are fully applicable to recreational, hockey, or figure skating. Classes are available for those who have never been on the ice before, in addition to those that are very proficient.

Hockey and figure skating classes are offered to those who have progressed beyond the basics, as are specialized clinics throughout the year.

How is JSC funded?

JSC is a non-profit organization that is funded primarily through the fees students pay to take classes. It continues to be a goal of JSC to make classes affordable to as many people as possible and to hold various fundraising activities throughout the year to achieve this goal. We are always looking for ideas to help keep our costs down and ways to raise money to bring in resources and equipment and further our students' training. Volunteers are also very welcome.

What activities does the club hold each year?

In addition to classes and special clinics, JSC holds annual events. These events generate standing-room-only crowds and are scheduled to be held this year as follows:

• JSC Skate-a-thon on Sunday, Dec. 2, when skaters have fun skating for pledges to support JSC.

• JSC basic skills competition on Sunday, Feb. 17, where advanced basic skills and figure skating students participate in friendly competition.

• JSC recital is Sunday, April 20, when all basic skills students join together to present what they have learned to music. Figure skating solo performances are highlighted.

Why should someone try ice skating and what concerns should someone have?

Learning how to skate is fun at every age. You can give yourself as much or as little challenge as you want and you can always see progress. The rink is a great place for clean fun that the whole family can enjoy. Anyone concerned with falling and hurting themselves should start out with helmets and guards and well padded clothing. Other than that, the only concern people should have is that they haven't yet joined Juneau's latest fun activity.

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