PUBLISHED: 1:39 PM on Wednesday, September 24, 2008
The Government Inspector at Perseverance Theatre

Wed, Sept. 24, 7:30 (Pay-as-you-can)

Thurs-Sun Sept. 25-28 at 7:30

For tickets call 463-TIXS or visit


At Parnassus the last Friday night of each month at 7 p.m. is music by the Rainy Day Recorders in Ketchikan. Sponsored by University of Alaska Southeast and Parnassus Books. Contact Rod Landis.

Island Grind

Want to perform, but don't want to perform alone? No problem...the Grind will help you put together a group. Call John Bruns or Sally Burch at 755-8899 or email The Island Grind, a committee of the Sunnahae Arts Council, is held monthly on the first Saturday of the month, at 7 pm at the Craig High School Auditorium. Local talent is showcased with 15 minute performances, with approximately six acts per show. For more info call 225-0246.

Jam to Gospel/Bluegrass

Music every Thursday night at 7p.m. at the stARTled Salmon Ketchikan Arts Hatchery in the Salmon Landing Market. Sponsored by Squares and Contras, call 225-2211 for more info.