PUBLISHED: 5:18 PM on Tuesday, September 19, 2006
AP&T announces notice of action required by local cell phone users in service areas
Alaska Power & Telephone Company, through its subsidiary Alaska Telephone Company, today announced changes in the way calls made to cellular phones from land-line customers will be routed within ATC service areas.

After Oct. 31, calls from local land-line customers to prefixes located outside the land-line calling area, presently routed as a local call, will be routed as a long distance call through the appropriate long distance provider.

Local land-line customers making calls to cell phone customers with the prefixes listed below will be affected by this routing change and such calls will be subject to long distance charges as of Nov. 1.

However, calls to cell phone customers with "local" prefixes will not be subject to long distance charges.

AP&T provides a broad range of communication services to communities ranging from the Arctic Circle to the extreme SE of Alaska.

These include local and long distance calling, Internet, wireless DSL, broadband wi-fi, paging, satellite phones, two-way mobile radios, computer networking and related data services.

Questions or comment regarding the above may be directed to Michael Garrett, Executive Vice President, AP&T (360) 385-1733 x 160 or via email:

Cell phone customers with the prefixes listed below will be able to obtain a "local" prefix at no charge by contacting their wireless carrier.

Cellular One

Contact number: 1-800-759-0562

Tok - 347, 378, 388, 978, 750, 952; Skagway - 209, 723, 738, 957; Wrangell - 209, 723, 617, 738, 957; Haines - 209, 723, 738, 957; Petersburg - 209, 617, 723, 738; Craig - 209, 617, 723, 738, 957

Alaska Communications Systems

Contact Number: 1-800-808-8083

Craig - 254, 321, 752; Petersburg - 254, 321; Wrangell - 254, 321, 988