PUBLISHED: 4:04 PM on Wednesday, September 19, 2007
What is the biggest culture shock you have experienced?

"Sitting in English class in Middleburg, Vermont hearing teachers talk about affiliations with institutions but nothing of the land they came from." - JoAnn Ross Cunningham

"Moving to Talkeetna for the summer was the most eye opening experience - flora, fauna, culture, Alaska grown people." - Vanessa Safonous

"A tour in Mazatlan, Mexico took us to a landfill where people lived and existed on what was left by garbage trucks, which wasn't much." - Al Badgtey

"I once met a Japanese lady who even while in America, she was unable to leave a room with a man in it facing back." - Luis Carrillo

"About 10-12 years back in South India, when somebody died and they rejoice, dance and light fireworks. They were very happy." - Pradeep A. Chabria

"I was a young girl fresh off the streets of Seattle. I went to church in Kodiak and was aghast to see the ushers taking offering in halibut jackets and deck slippers." - Janice Dubber