PUBLISHED: 4:08 PM on Wednesday, September 19, 2007
KTOO produces programming to preserve World War II history
The stories of Alaska World War II veterans will air on public television throughout the state this fall with the premiere of Ken Burns' landmark PBS series The War.

Produced by KTOO-TV, Alaskan Veterans Remember is part of a multi-media project dedicated to the collection and preservation of stories about the Second World War.

The series of interviews with Alaska veterans will begin airing in late September, coinciding with the broadcast of The War (see broadcast details at the end of this document).

KTOO is among public television stations nationwide to participate in outreach efforts surrounding The War, by producing local programming that preserves the World War II memories of a vanishing generation.

Katie Bausler is producer of Alaskan Veterans Remember.

"It is more important than ever that we preserve these personal histories," Bausler said.

"The veterans we interviewed are approaching 90 years old, yet their memories of serving our country in World War II remain fresh."

Alaskan Veterans Remember features compelling conversations with Alaskan veterans Harold Wheaton, Tom Stewart, and Jack Culbreath. Wheaton served on the Aleutian Islands, loading and unloading cargo ships, including bombs destined for Japan. Stewart served on Kiska during the Aleutian Campaign and in the Northern Italian Campaign with the legendary 10th Mountain Division.

Culbreath was also with the 10th Mountain Division in Northern Italy, which broke through the German line and paved the way for Allied victory in Italy.

The War and Alaskan Veterans Remember are collaborating with the Veterans' History Project, created in 2000 by the Library of Congress to collect and preserve veterans' personal histories. Interviews for Alaskan Veterans Remember will be archived with the Veterans' History Project.

KTOO is also facilitating the collection of World War II stories from the community.

The KTOO Web site,, links to the nationwide PBS StoryShare site, where the public can search local and national stories, and submit their own war-related story in text or audio format. StoryShare will be open for submissions until May 2008.

For more information on how to submit a story to StoryShare or the Veterans' History Project, visit or contact the station.Interview transcripts and additional information on the veterans and production staff are also available from the station. Contact: Elizabeth Wagner, KTOO-TV Production Assistant, 586-1670. Ken Burns' The War is a seven-part documentary airing on PBS stations nationwide beginning Sept. 23.