PUBLISHED: 6:14 PM on Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Environmental Services employees an integral part of your healthcare team
Bartlett recognizes workers during the week of Sept. 14-20
National Healthcare Environmental Services Week is set aside each year to demonstrate the importance of environmental services departments and to showcase their integral role in high-quality patient care, satisfaction and infection control practices.

This year, Environmental Services employees at Bartlett Regional Hospital are being recognized for the part they play in patient care during the week of Sept. 14-20.

photo courtesy of Bartlett Regional Hospital
  Bartlett Regional Hospital is honoring its Environmental Services staff Sept. 14-20.
Who are Environmental Services? They are the caring women and men who tirelessly keep our hospital clean. They have a very difficult and often unpleasant job, but they do it with pride and exceptional attention to detail. From keeping our patients' rooms and restrooms sparkling clean to the shiny floors and light fixtures throughout the hospital, our team of devoted individuals makes an immense difference for our community. In many ways, their contribution to the hospital experience is a key factor in patient satisfaction. Not only do patients expect the hospital to be very clean, they are also pleasantly surprised to find our team so friendly and eager to help. The caring people in Environmental Services do not hesitate to escort people to their desired locations or help find a cup of coffee for a tired visitor.

Environmental Services Manager Jeanie Maynard described his team as a family.

"I oversee the Environmental Services Department, but I don't do the same hard work as the staff," he said. "When you have people this excellent to work with, it's easier to be a manager. Since I can't go around everyday telling all staff members what great jobs they are doing, National Healthcare Environmental Services Week is my chance to express appreciation. Bartlett has a very competent and caring Environmental Services team. I feel blessed and honored to work with them. They are more than just a team, they are family."

The next time you are at Bartlett, please take a moment to thank our Environmental Services Staff for their hard work and dedication.

"I've been in a lot of facilities over the years, and you don't have to look far at Bartlett Regional Hospital to find the pride employees take in this facility," said BRH Chief Operating Officer Debbi Lehner. "The Environmental Services Department's pride is evident in the cleanliness of the hospital. We are so fortunate to have such an outstanding team and want to recognize them during National Healthcare Environmental Services Week."

For more information about employment opportunities at Bartlett Regional Hospital, contact Bartlett Human Resources at 796-8418.