PUBLISHED: 6:15 PM on Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Curves celebrates 10th anniversary
JUNEAU - Curves, a national chain of fitness center catering to women, celebrated its 10th anniversary in Juneau on Sept. 3.

Charlene Schrader, owner of Curves in Juneau, opened the business 10 years ago and said her mission was to offer women in the Juneau community a complete aerobic and strength training workout in a fun, supportive environment.

"It's exciting to have been a part of the Juneau community for so long, providing women with weight loss guidance and a fun, doable program," said Schrader. "We feel our success in Juneau stems from not only the strength of the Curves brand, but our dedication to helping women get fit."

Since Schrader opened Curves of Juneau in September 1998, women have been able to exercise in an environment designed strictly for them.

To celebrate the anniversary, Curves of Juneau is having a no sign up fee during the month of September. For more information contact Curves at 789-4437.