PUBLISHED: 6:15 PM on Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Perseverance announces new managing director
DOUGLAS - Perseverance Theatre has hired Elizabeth Davis as the theatre's sixth managing director.

"We are very fortunate to find such a capable leader who is also an Alaskan arts administrator with experience working at Perseverance Theatre," said Art Rotch, chair of the search committee and the theatre's new Artistic Director. "I met Elizabeth when I came to Juneau twenty years ago, and know her to be highly intelligent, well-organized, great with people in all situations, and an eloquently outspoken advocate for the arts. I am as happy as can be to partner with her as we move into the theatre's fourth decade."

Said Davis: "I am thrilled to be returning to Juneau, my hometown, and to be returning to Perseverance Theatre, a place that has supported and encouraged me in my journey as an artist since I was a teenager. While living in London, England the last two years I have become more Alaskan than ever before; living elsewhere reaffirmed why being Alaskan is important to who I am as person, a mom, and, most importantly, as an artist. Alaskans are adventurous, Alaskans are connected to the land and water, and Alaskans have a strong sense of community. I want to be a part of bringing this vitality to the stage, working with both the established and the new creators of Alaskan Theatre.

photo courtesy of Flordelino Lagundino
  Jeffrey Herrmann, former Managing Director of Perseverance Theatre, was married to long-time Perseverance Theatre actress Sara Waisanen on Sept. 8, on the set of The Government Inspector, the theatre's first show for its 30th season. The ceremony was presided over by Terry Cramer, Perseverance Theatre Board President and friend of the couple.
"[I am excited] to be working with highly talented people who are dedicated to creating quality theatre in an environment where there is a respect for risk taking and creativity... Perseverance Theatre and the artists that work there are a vital source for thought provoking art and I am honored to be selected as a part of the team."

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