PUBLISHED: 4:01 PM on Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Locals participate in NRA Championship

Courtesy photo
  From left: Lonnie Miller, second place; Chris Salazar; Mal Menzies, third place; Ray Coxe; Linda Flynn and Lynn Bennett, first place. Not shown, Brad Flynn.
Under overcast skies with periods of drizzle, Lynn Bennett coming from behind in the first match stage, won the Alaska, short range (200 yard) NRA Hi-Power Championship with a hi-master score of 485.13x/500. The match began with Lonnie Miller firing a near perfect 97.1x/100 in the offhand (standing) position against Lynn's 91.2x/100. Lonnie went on to shoot a master score of 475.9x/500 with a service rifle. Lynn fired a service rifle re-built into a match rifle. Individual event results are attached.

Following Lynn and Lonnie was Mal Menzies firing a 464.11x/500 (service rifle), Ray Coxe 460.5x/500 (match rifle) and Chris Salazar, 428.3x/500 (service rifle).

Firing in a practice hunter/sporter rifle match was Brad and Linda Flynn. Both shot master scores. Brad shot a 310.12x/320, while Linda fired a 298.7x/320. The major difference in events is that hi-power is shot with open sights while hunter is shot with either scope or open sights. All rapid fires in hi-power start in the standing position while sporter/hunter rifle start in the firing position (sitting or prone).