Dear Rex,
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Ask Rex: What dog to get mom

Dear Rex,

My mom is retired and lives all alone. My wife and I think she needs a puppy and we want to surprise her with one for her birthday. What kind of puppy do you suggest? What web site should we use?

Helpful Son

Dear "Helpful"

A stuffed one.

Seriously son, what are you thinking? A puppy? Off the web? Don't you like your mom?

OK. Let's start at the beginning. First of all do not (repeat do NOT) get a dog for someone else. That would be like your mom picking out a wife for you and dropping her at your house while you are away. Getting a dog (or any pet) is a lifetime commitment and it should be done when the excitement level can be controlled, and when someone is willing to make the commitment it takes to care for a pet.

If your mom wants to get a new dog, let her be the one to decide she wants one and then she can decide what kind she would like. And if you are a good son, you can pay for it.

Hey, how about this - get her a picture of a dog , put it in a card with "would you like one of these?" written across the top. If she shrieks and runs from the room or begins laughing hysterically you can pretty much guess the answer is "no." If she says she might, but she has to think loooooong and hard about it...then it just might work. If that is the case, have her write me and I will help her figure out what kind of dog will fit her lifestyle.

Your Rex

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