PUBLISHED: 4:40 PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Photographer visits Perseverance Theatre
In the fall of 2006, Perseverance Theatre was selected to receive an artist residency through the generous contribution of United States Artists and The Rasmusson Foundation.

United States Artists is an organization that selects fifty U.S. artists to receive financial awards and guest residencies with exemplary not-for-profit organizations within the United States. Perseverance Theatre submitted a variety of proposals to engage these high profile artists with community interaction in the hopes of generating innovative theatrical processes and products.

Out of the 50 artists, award winning photographer Catherine Opie was selected for a multi-year residency with the goal of creating a theatrical set design that incorporated some of her photography.

Opie's first visit was Aug. 28-Sept. 8.

Opie's technical expertise and conceptual rigor have made her one of the leading photographers in the country.

In and Around Home, a series completed during the last presidential election, explored her immediate environment, documenting her own family and neighborhood and tying the personal to the politicalOpie is an influential professor of photography in the UCLA Department of Art.