PUBLISHED: 4:39 PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Photo: Groundbreaking in Ketchikan
On Tuesday, Aug. 21, the South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department held its ground breaking ceremony for the new Fire Station Building Project. Members, officers, families and friends gathered at the new Seawatch Drive location. Representing the State of Alaska was Russell Kelly, special staff assistant to the Office of the Governor. Also in attendance were Rep. Kyle Johansen and his daughter, pictured above, assistant borough manager Steve Corporon and other community members. The ceremony began with knocking down shrubs and clearing the earth with two master streams of water. Two fire engines parked nose to nose so the streams crossed one another at a force strong enough to move a small car. The massive showers etched the sand, rocks, and brushed away with ease. The ceremony concluded with photos, conversations about the new station, drinks and snacks provided by the South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department's Auxiliary. Many gathered at the current station afterwards to continue conversations and enjoy a tour of the facility.