PUBLISHED: 12:14 PM on Wednesday, September 7, 2005
The Lunch Connection
This Week's School Lunch Menu
Thursday, September 8

Chicken Os & BBQ Sauce

Veggie Medley & Ranch Dip


Fresh Pear • Milk

Friday, September 9

Sliced Turkey on a Bun

Baby Carrots & Ranch Dip

Oatmeal Cookie

Fresh Apple • Milk

Monday, September 12

PBJ Sandwich

Baby Carrots & Ranch Dip

String Cheese • Graham Crackers

Diced Peach Cup • Milk

Tuesday, September 13

Hot Dog Sandwich

Celery Sticks & PB Dip

Corn Chips

Fresh Orange • Milk

Wednesday, September 14

Chicken Chimichanga

Baby Carrots & Ranch Dip

Cheese on Cheese Crackers

Fresh Grapes • Milk

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