PUBLISHED: 12:14 PM on Wednesday, September 7, 2005
John Hermle Jr.: "50 Years of Changing Cityscape"

Juneau Artist's Gallery. Senate Building, 175 S. Franklin St., Suite 111. . Photographs of Juneau. Also work by other local artists. 9 am- 9 pm, daily during September.

A Northern Adventure: The Art of Fred Machetanz<P> Alaska State Museum. opens May 6; through September 24. Retrospective chronicling Machetanz' life's work.

Jeff Brown's Alaska Board Games

Juneau-Douglas City Museum, May 18-Sept. 19. The third exhibit in the Juneau Collectors series.

The Life and Work of Amy Lou Barney

Juneau-Douglas City Museum, through September. Celebrating the life and work of Amy Lou Barney (1918-2004), this exhibit displays photography of this lifelong Alaskan. Highlights Barney's pioneering role in the fields of photography and aviation.


Alaska State Museum, opens Sunday. Based on Ketchikan artist Ray Troll's recently published children's book by the same name. May 15 - October 15.

Pleasures & Perils: Juneau Steamships and Shipwrecks

Juneau-Douglas City Museum, through Dec. 31. This exhibit explores the heyday of steamship travel on Alaska's Inside Passage, including the rise of tourism and navigational aids as well as the perils of shipwrecks.