"Yes. Jeans and shorts."
Are there kinds of clothes you avoid wearing? 090512 SPEAKINGOUT 1 Capital City Weekly "Yes. Jeans and shorts."

"Yes. Jeans and shorts." - Howard Creely, 70, retired teacher

"Spaghetti straps." - Denise Stahlbaum, 56, quality assurance system coordinator

"'Wife beater' tank tops." - Jamie Stahlbaum, 48, machinist lead hand

"Wool. It's itchy. I can't wear it." - Stephanie Allen, 50, pool cleaner

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Story last updated at 9/5/2012 - 1:16 pm

Are there kinds of clothes you avoid wearing?

"Yes. Jeans and shorts."

-Howard Creely, 70 years old, retired teacher

"Spaghetti straps."

-Denise Stahlbaum, 56 years old, Quality Assurance System Coordinator

"'Wife beater' tank tops."

-Jamie Stahlbaum, 48 years old, machinist lead hand

"Wool. It's itchy, I can't wear it."

-Stephanie Allen, 50 years old, pool cleaner