PUBLISHED: 4:56 PM on Wednesday, September 5, 2007
Pets awaiting ADOPTION
Juneau Gastineau Humane Society Shelter: 789-0260

GHS is open for pet adoptions from 3-6 p.m. Monday-Friday, and from 2-5 p.m. Saturday.

Roxy loves love. She is a 5-year-old spayed female lab who can't seem to get enough affection. She walks well on a leash after the first five minutes of excitement and would be a great companion for a person or family without other pets.

Puppies are ready for a good home. GHS has some adorably uncoordinated, uncannily cute cuddly critters up for adoption right now. These German Shepherd Lab mix pups are 2-months-old, spayed/neutered, microchipped and ready for love.

Spirit is a shy, 3-year-old neutered male that is both loving and lovable. Spirit has a loving purr and is very gentle and affectionate. On top of his calm demeanor he is a beautiful white cat with delicate apricot markings. Spirit would be most comfortable in a home without other cats or children.

Valentino is a real romancer. This 1- year-old neutered male kitty is good looking and he knows it! He will arch his back and purr and look at you with the most captivating gaze. If only he could drive a car, he would probably pick you up at 8 and take you out on the town for a nice evening. Yes, Valentino wants you to fall for him.